How to make a ribbon curtain

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  • Country Homes & Interiors’ latest do-it-yourself project shows you how to make a curtain for a kitchen door using lengths of ribbon

    This simple no-sew curtain, hung over a back door, will keep insects at bay. All you need are lengths of ribbon, decorative clips (we’ve used butterflies) and a length of dowelling.

    You will need
    • Ribbon in your chosen colours (we used a selection from VV Rouleaux)

    • Decorative clip-on butterflies or similar (some come with sprung clips, but those with attachment wires and magnet fixings are also available. Abercorn & Co, Fairy Goodies and VV Rouleaux all have good selections)
    • Length of thin dowelling
    • 2 cup hooks

    Position the cup hooks so that they sit in line with the outside edge of the door frame at each end.  Michael A Hill

    Step 1) Cut a length of dowelling to the width of your door frame, plus an excess of around 5cm at each end.

    Step 2)
    Fit the 2 cups hook at your chosen height above the door frame,
    positioning them so that they sit in line with the outside edges of the
    frame. Drop the dowelling into place on the cup hooks so that you have
    an equal amount of overhang at each end (see illustration).

    Step 3) Use a pencil to mark the position of each cup hook on the dowelling then measure from the top of the dowelling to the floor. Remove the dowelling.Loop each length of ribbon over the dowelling and secure in place with a butterfly clip.  Michael A Hill

    Step 4) Measure between the two marked points on the dowelling.
    Then measure the width of your ribbon. Use these two measurements to
    work out how many strips of ribbon you will need to fill the length of
    dowelling between the two marked points. Cut your ribbons to the
    required length plus 10cm (this excess will be folded over the top of
    the dowelling).

    Step 5) Lay the dowelling on your worksurface.
    Take the first length of ribbon and hang one end over the top of the
    dowelling, pulling it so that 10cm of ribbon hangs down at the back.
    Secure in place with a clip-on butterfly and slide along the dowelling
    so that it sits flush with one of the pencil marks (see illustration).

    Step 6)
    Continue securing lengths of ribbon to the dowelling in this way until
    the dowelling is full. You may need to adjust the height of adjacent
    butterfly clips so that they sit neatly along the width. If you prefer
    not to use a clip on every ribbon, just tie alternate lengths to the
    dowelling instead. Hang the dowelling from the cup hooks and, if you
    have any butterfly clips left, hang them randomly along individual
    lengths of ribbon.

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