13 steps to the perfect pantry

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  • The word pantry conjures up a vision of domestic idyll; ordered rows of preserves, carefully labelled cupboard essentials and generous shelf space for cooking paraphernalia. But it’s not just nostalgia that’s driving the return to favour of pantries and larder cupboards.

    The rise of the home chef and baker, our weekly shopping habits, plus the trend towards low-level kitchens with few wall cupboards all contribute to the very modern need for a generous central store. And contemporary pantries; in all their guises and formats; are finding a place in country, classic and uber-modern kitchens. Here are some key points to consider when choosing the right larder or pantry for you:

    Make sure your underfloor heating does not extend into your walk-in pantry you want the room to be as cool as possible.

    Measure the height of the container of your favourite cereal or bottle of olive oil to ensure that items will fit and leave the correct amount of spacing between shelves.

    Pocket doors that glide away into recesses at the sides of a cupboard or sliding doors are a good solution if space is tight.

    Invest in storage jars in decent sizes and a labelling system to help keep track of use by dates on dry ingredients and the contents of preserves.

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