Lakeland reveals the kitchen must-haves we’ll be scooping up in 2020

Is your kitchen up to date?
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  • 2019 saw us stocking our kitchens with sodastreams, homemade kombucha kits, and microwave grills. But what kitchen must-haves will we be eagerly buying in 2020?

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    Lakeland, our homes solution and gadget high street superhero, has revealed the top three products they predict we’ll be adding to our kitchen in 2020.

    Lakeland Kitchen must-haves 2020

    1. Induction Hob Mesh

    kitchen must-haves 2020

    This gadget might be simple, but a must-have for any home with an induction hob.

    The shiny glass top of an induction hob is tricky to keep clean at the best of times. However, the silicone-coated mesh liner will help protect your hob from whatever you throw at it.

    Feel free to enthusiastically stir or vigorously shake a wok, knowing that your induction hop is safe from scratches and scuff marks underneath.

    Buy now: Induction Hob Protector, £24.99, Lakeland

    2. FoodSaver Handheld Vacuum Sealer

    Kitchen must-haves 2020

    This handy little tool is designed to cut down on food waste by extending the life of leftovers or prepped food.

    The FoodSaver promises to keep food fresh for twice as long as in a standard container. Simply pop the food in one of the specially designed zipper bags or containers that are included with the vacuum sealer and push the button to suck out all the air.

    Much smaller than other vacuum sealers, it has a tiny footprint on kitchen worktops. It is also rechargeable and fully portable.

    Buy now: FoodSaver Handheld Vacuum Sealer, £49.99, Lakeland

    3. Sushi Maker

    lakeland kitchen must-haves 2020

    Buy now: World of Flavours sushi maker, £12.99, Lakeland

    Give your home-cooked cuisine an international revamp with a sushi maker. Japanese food is predicted to be a huge trend with the kick off of the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

    If you fancy trying your hand at making your own sushi at home, try The World of Flavours Sushi Maker. In Japan, sushi chefs train for years to perfect their skills, but this little gadget should help you whip up a tasty California roll in an evening.

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    Will you be adding any of these gadgets to your kitchen in 2020?

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