Magnet’s new showroom experience is the most fun you’ll ever have designing a kitchen

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  • Imagine a Build-A-Bear Workshop crossed with a virtual reality game...

    A new Magnet showroom has just opened in Sutton, South-West London, and it’s hoping to revolutionise the way we buy a kitchen.

    Alongside the inspiring roomsets and finishing touches that you’d expect, Magnet is introducing a never-before-seen set of digital design tools. Sounds fancy, no?

    The star of the show is the UK’s first virtual reality 3D kitchen modeller – don a headset and you can walk around your proposed new kitchen before a single cabinet has been built.

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    Let’s take a look around…

    Welcome area

    Magnet Sutton Welcome AreaThis is where you’ll start your kitchen design journey. You’ll be invited to take a quiz to discover your ‘kitchenality’, and be presented with a moodboard based on your answers.

    From this, you’ll start to narrow down the options and pinpoint your kitchen style.

    Digital Kitchen Display

    Magnet Sutton Kitchen Digital DisplayHere’s where the fun starts. In this area, you’ll find a kitchen display where all the cabinet doors have been replaced with HD screens.

    Using an iPad, you can change the style and colour of the cabinets, as well as the worktop and splashback, and see what your favourite combinations might look like in the flesh.

    If you’re not sure if you want cupboards or drawers, or can’t decide whether wood or composite surfaces would look better, this is an easy way to experiment.

    3D Kitchen Modeller

    Magnet Sutton Oculus Rift headsetNext we get to the really cool bit – the 3D Kitchen Modeller. If you liked playing with Lego as a kid, you’ll LOVE this.

    First, you’ll need to arrange a set of small blocks – these represent your kitchen units and appliances – onto a light box. When you’re done, you’ll be able to see a 3D version of your kitchen on an HD screen.

    Magnet Sutton 3D Modeller close up

    Next, put on an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, and take a ‘walk’ around your new kitchen. This is so cool that you’ll quickly get over how silly you might look.

    Get feel for the space and if you’re not happy with the layout, just move the blocks in front of you and see your room change around you.

    Tech Labs

    Magnet Sutton Sinks Taps

    Cabinetry chosen and arranged, it’s now time to settle on exactly what appliances you want. A wall of ovens is an excellent way to compare models at different price points. There’s a similar display for hobs and hoods, and sinks and taps. Touchscreen let you check the specs of any gadgets you like.

    You’ll also be able to get hands on with some of Magnet’s clever storage solutions and finishing touches. Queue up a playlist on the award-winning Sound Plus plinth speaker. Or see how you can squeeze in extra storage through the Shelf Plus and Cabinet Plus solutions.

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    Samples area

    Magnet Sutton Sample AreaSometimes there’s no substitute for the real thing. So if you think you’re set on a look, but want to see and touch it in the flesh, head here. You can mix and match sample doors, worktops and handles until you’re truly sold on the final combination.

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    We’re really excited to open the new showroom with its unique, innovative format,’ says Abbi-Rose Baalam, manager at Magnet in Sutton. ‘There are several areas within the showroom that we know will be massively beneficial to our customers in their selection and design process.’

    Magnet Sutton exterior

    You’ll find the new Magnet Sutton showroom at Unit C1, 301 High Street, Sutton, SM1 1LG. 

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