George Home's new scalloped tray will add a touch of timeless elegance to your home – it's the best £10 you'll spend

It's the perfect way to instantly refresh a space

White scalloped tray on coffee table with cafetiere and mug on top
(Image credit: George Home)

George Home at Asda is selling a gorgeous, designer-looking scalloped tray for just £10 – and we think it's nailing the look of timeless elegance at a budget to a tee.

In case you've been out of the loop, scalloped edges have pretty much been the centre of many of our favourite pieces being birthed from the latest home decor trends. From scalloped rugs, lampshades, side tables, and more.

However, one take we've seen on the rise, in particular, is scalloped trays – and George Home's new launch has made the scalloped edge home furnishing trend as attainable as ever.

Red and pink bedsheet covers, white scalloped tray with strawberries and mugs displayed, croissant plush toy, decorative pillows

George Home White Wooden Tray in 'Parisian Breakfast' range

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George Home scalloped tray

Last week, I was invited for a first look at George Home's SS24 collections. While the white round bobbin mirror undeniably caught my eye, another piece that demanded my attention was their scalloped trays.

The scalloped trays were styled to perfection as part of George Home's new 'Parisian Breakfast' range. Inspired by the brand's styling, I can confidently say that snapping up this tray is sure to help make a bedroom look more expensive, adding a touch of elegance with its playful edges. And George Home is not the only brand doing it as we've been seeing this look at John Lewis and in Matalan's scalloped homeware range.

Better yet, Katy Traill, senior design manager for George Home at Asda notes that the 'scallop trend is an absolute hit' with their shoppers, namely for the way they add character effortlessly in styling a boring room.

'Scallop accessories offer a stylish lift to any space, seamlessly complementing your existing decor,' adds Katy. 'Our classic scallop accessories are timeless additions to your home, making them an ideal choice for those seeking to refresh their space without undertaking a major overhaul.'

Wooden cabinet console table with orange scalloped tray and decorative display

(Image credit: Addison Ross)

On top of being an easy way to instantly inject character into a living space, they also tap into that Nostalgiacore aspect, being reminiscent of retro-inspired trends.

'Growing up as a child of the eighties, I was surrounded by the elegance of scallops and charming shapes,' begins Sarah Ross, co-founder of luxury home decor brand, Addison Ross. 'What I find particularly enchanting about them is the ability to create alluring focal points within a room by integrating a simple yet captivating finish, especially when you add a show-stopping colour.'

Sarah adds, 'The symmetrical and gracefully scooped intonations provide a visually satisfying experience, instantly elevating any tray.'

Light blue scalloped tray with decorative items displayed on top, coffee table, sofa

(Image credit: Addison Ross)

Shop scalloped trays

Not to mention, with Valentine's Day around the corner, they're the ideal buy to get your trayscaping game going – whether it be for serving hearty dishes to a loved one or curating the perfect display that'll serve the 'clustering' home decor trend proudly.

A handful of the Ideal Home team has long been championing scalloped trays in our homes, and rest assured we'll be indulging in our sweet, little trayscapes for even longer.

Jullia Joson
Junior Writer

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