Are these the coolest offices ever?

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  • These amazing spaces have been crowned 'cool offices of year'. Step inside...

    Workplaces – the space in which you spend on average eight hours a day. You socialise in them, dine in them and get creative in them.

    These global companies know that providing staff with awesome interiors full of creative zones and fun lunch spots will inspire a crew of visionary employees who love their job.

    Here are a few of Glassdoor’s favourite spaces which have been crowned Cool Offices of the Year 2015.

    Think table tennis, computer gaming sessions and lunch on the beach…

    Quicken Loans

    You might be surprised to hear that one of the coolest office spaces we have ever seen belongs to no other than mortgage lender Quicken Loans. Its swanky HQ in Detroit features cars recycled into pool tables, bank vaults repurposed as meeting rooms and sand pits which give a summer vibe at the bar all year round.


    Young shoe retailer TOMS has a charitable business campaign, One for One, whereby every product sold helps a child in need. It seems they haven’t forgotten about their employees either – the company has provided slides as transport to meetings, a coffee bar and bright creative spaces.


    AOL has some pretty special office spaces across America.
    Pods give employees a little alone time when taking phone calls or chilling at lunch, meeting rooms feel more like a super cool hipster’s living room and furniture slots away in wall spaces to create more space for play. Awesome.


    Naturally, Heineken’s headquarters feature an über cool bar to enjoy a tipple after work with friends. Lit in the same emerald green glow as the famous bottle, we cant think of anything better than a chilled draft after work without the queues.

    Red Frog

    It’s no surprise that event planners have some really cool offices – cue Red Frog’s outdoors inspired work place. Treehouses, camper vans and rocking chairs are just a few of the rustic spots where staff can conduct meetings or dine al fresco.


    Are you already thinking about the lamp jumping along after the ball? It is no surprise that a giant Luxo lamp has been erected outside the Pixar office. Beyond the thematic display, the office naturally has cinema rooms, research libraries and log cabins that operate as meeting rooms.


    Citrix Systems know that fun spaces for employees make for creative ideas. Seemingly officious office buildings are filled with flower-covered walls, table tennis areas and a Server Room where employees take time out to chill and recoup.

    Red Ventures

    Marketing company Red Ventures has some cool University campus-inspired headquarters. Fire pits surrounded by chairs give a camper’s feel at night, bowling balls can be heard rolling along the on-site bowling alleys to cheers of strikes and the fitness gym means you can eat all you can in the canteen.

    Riot games

    Video producer, Riot Games, has a few gaming aficionados as staff. It is no surprise then that wall art is heavily characterised with gaming heroes and the PC Bang Room gives staff a private space to game all lunch long, huh-hum… we mean conduct gaming research.

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