Aside from work and a lack of sleep, can you guess what’s causing Brits to feel stressed?

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  • Seven out of ten Brits feel stressed out about something in their home...

    For most people, stress is usually caused by an increased workload combined with a lack of sleep. But seven out of ten Brits also feel stressed out about something in their home… can you guess what it is?

    A new study has revealed that household clutter is causing Brits to feel stressed and lose sleep. This just goes to show that minimalism and organisation are the key to harmonious living.

    67 per cent of the 1,008 people polled said they are more productive when surrounded by less ‘stuff’, and 55 per cent say they sleep better.

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    Almost two thirds of people hold on to household items that they don’t need, with the average Brit having a staggering 71 unused possessions in their home.

    A minimalist approach has got to be the way forward.

    The room that most people would give the minimalist treatment is the master bedroom, followed by the living room. Given these are the spaces most associated with relaxation, it isn’t surprising that they’re also the ones people want to declutter.

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    Space Station, the self-storage company that conducted the study, has teamed up with leading interiors experts who have shared advice on how to embrace minimalism…

    1. Invest in good storage

    ‘When things have a home we are more likely to put them away,’ says interior designer Judith Harrop. ‘Keep surfaces clear and find homes for things that tend to accumulate, like household bills, bank statements and school letters.’

    2. Keep it simple

    ‘Except for the furniture, keep floors completely clear, with nothing stacked or stored on the floor or surfaces,’ says Jess Clark, in-house interior designer at Unique Home Stays.

    3. Go digital

    ‘Thanks to technology, it’s now easier than ever to digitalise items that take up too much space in the home,’ says Anna Ward, interior designer at Furnished By. ‘Get technical and make the most of the cloud to store documents, pictures, films and video, and create an online to-do list rather than a paper one.’


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    It’s time to ditch the clutter, and watch the stress fall away…

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