Are you still looking for The One? Over half of us are living with the wrong (and probably a very dirty!) duvet

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  • We might spend many hours snuggled up under the duvet, but many of us are not happy with our bedding - and can't even remember when the duvet was last washed

    Are you still trying to find your perfect match in the bedroom, the one to snuggle up with on Sundays? Or does yours just leave you, well… cold?

    We’re talking duvets. And new research from The Fine Bedding Company reveals that, despite years together, many of us just haven’t found the right bedding yet and are making do with the wrong duvet.

    In fact, we’re not even sure how long we’ve had our beloved bedding. Two years, 10 years? Most of us have lost count (84%) and, although the most popular response was five years, a quarter of those surveyed guess that they have owned their duvet for 10 years.

    While we may be keen to hang on to our bedding, we’re not so keen on cleanliness, as eight out of 10 people (79%) can’t remember the last time they washed their duvet.

    In fact, two-thirds say they would rather throw away their bedding than get round to washing the duvet.

    And men are the most in the dark when it comes to tog ratings and duvet fillings, as 79% admit they don’t know what type of duvet they have.

    ‘It’s surprising that we don’t take more notice of the duvet we sleep under,’ says Emma Heald from The Fine Bedding Company. ‘We sleep under our duvet every night, yet don’t know how clean or how old it is.

    ‘Only 48% of those surveyed said they loved their sleep experience every night, so our aim is to change this through our range of products to help the nation start loving their sleep.’

    Hmm… a super-soft silk duvet could just be our match made in heaven.

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