We got a sneak peek of George Home's new collection – here's what we'll be buying

We know it's still summer, but we can't even pretend to hide our excitement for this autumn range

Neutral living room with checkerboard motif rug, throw, cushion, coffee table
(Image credit: George Home)

Asda's homeware range, George Home, has officially launched its first look at its autumn and winter collection we can expect to hit stores later this year, just in time for the cosy festivities.

We know it's only essentially hit the peak of summer, so forgive us for detracting from the sunshine and holiday plans. However, after the viral success of George Home's spring range, we can't even pretend to hide our excitement for these new pieces that we think will perfectly complement the upcoming home decor trends in store for the cosier seasons.

Neutral living room with checkerboard motif rug, throw, cushion, coffee table

(Image credit: George Home)

George Home AW23 collection

I was invited to a George Home press event where they unveiled the AW23 collection, and it's safe to say that having seen everything that's coming, I'm so ready for autumn. Don't get me wrong, I love summer, but I think I especially thrive in the autumn months when the warm colour palettes are rife and the interior design choices feel like a hot cup of tea and blanket thrown around you.

Pink scalloped wall, pink sofa, cushions, coffee table

(Image credit: George Home)

This new collection features a wide range of vibrant and contrasting interiors, all primed to transform your surroundings in a way that both hits 'refresh' while still feeling like a home at the same time.

'George Home once again has some incredible pieces for the new season that are enough to get anyone excited for those winter nights we dread so much,' says Katy Traill, senior design manager at George Home.

There are four key trends featured in the collection – Artisan Check, Autumn Cottage, Modern Deco, and Pure – encompassing everything from warm and cosy chunky knits to earthy tones and textures.

Blue and white marble effect bedding, white ornamental side table, hanging paper lantern

(Image credit: George Home)

1. Modern Deco

'Our Art Deco-inspired trend brings a touch of glamour and opulence. Combing traditional interior with a more contemporary design, themes of stylised florals and deep colours will create a statement in the home,' says Katy.

The best way I can describe this trend is expensive. It looks and feels luxe with its colour palette encompassing various shades of pink, navy, and yellow, with accents of velvet and gold throughout its pieces. The dinnerware for this range is simply gorgeous and we imagine it'll make an appearance in many a tablescape this autumn.

Navy dinnerware set with gold utensils on teal marbled table

(Image credit: George Home)

2. Artisan Check

'Our Global-inspired trend takes inspiration from far-flung destinations, with a focus on craftsmanship and sculpture, combining rich navy hues with earthy spiced tones,' says Katy.

'A connection to nature and our planet, this trend embraces a rich earthy palette alongside natural materials and organic textures, with influences from around the globe.'

Something that struck us was their use of checkerboard patterns we've seen a lot of in rugs, cushions, throws, bedding, and more. In fact, George Home is already selling a Checkerboard Shaggy Rug for £35 ahead of this collection's release. However, the winner of this trend for me was the tulip tufted cushion that will definitely be going in my basket when it drops.

Tufted cushions stacked on top of bench

(Image credit: George Home)

3. Autumn Cottage

'Our nature-focused trend is a real focus on texture and textiles. It’s super homely, cosy and inherently autumnal. Combining nature with a modern vintage and a sense of nostalgia. An eco-responsible story, embracing the regeneration of life around us – recycling, remaking, sharing and borrowing,' says Katy.

Autumn Cottage is similar to Artisan Check in the way that it encompasses a cottagecore vibe that's all sorts of rustic and farmhouse-inspired but upping the ante on the pumpkin and mushroom motifs – and we mean by a lot. Given that I waited months for the restock of George Home's mushroom lamp, this trend was (unsurprisingly) one of my favourites.

Sofa with mushroom motif throw

(Image credit: George Home)

4. Tranquillity

'A refresh for the new season, our Pure trend brings calm and healing colourways mixed with Scandi-inspired designs and celestial touches. This clean, yet atmospheric trend creates a safe place, and welcomes self-expression to promote personal well-being,' explains Katy.

The previous three trends featured deeper colours, but if you're someone who's more drawn to lighter, airy design elements, this trend is for you. I don't know how else to describe it but emphasise the influence of quiet luxury and the organic modern trend in its muted palette and silhouettes.

From boucle ball cushions to yet another designer-style side table, if you're looking to make a living room look expensive we suspect this will be the way to go.

White neutral living room with cushions, white sofa, white coffee table

(Image credit: George Home)

All in all, everything outlined is gorgeous and right up my street. I'll likely be taking design inspiration from each one of these outlined trends when the AW23 collection drops this autumn.

You know how much we love a gorgeous value-for-money home decor piece to add to our homes, so upon this collection's official release, watch this space.

Jullia Joson
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