Dreamy bedrooms you won’t want to leave this Sleep Awareness Week

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  • Here are the most beautiful bedrooms that'll have you sleeping easy

    Between hunkering down in a nook in winter and swaying in a hammock during the summer, we can find a way to justify sleep wherever, whenever.

    But this week we have a real reason to celebrate slumber – Sleep Awareness Week.

    The National Sleep Foundation is celebrating its annual sleep appreciation week. Everything from breathing exercises to your diet and the time you eat your meals can have an impact on your resting state.

    Being sleep experts, we can confirm a wind-down before bed is helpful, and being interior design experts, we can confirm it’s all about bedroom feng shui.

    We’ve got a few designs and magical schemes that will help you sleep easy forever more…

    It’s all about the bed

    Beautiful beds with buttoned boards in creamy velvets or dramatic wrought iron work four-poster statements – pick a bed design you’ll want to fall into night after night.

    Invest in good bedding

    Everyone loves hotel bedding, so why can’t you have it at home too? Make sure you buy good quality sheets in a beautiful design, or opt for simplicity in white for a restful night. Be sure you launder and change the sheets regularly and if you are pushing the boat out, give them a little iron over too.

    Buy a good mattress

    As the Sleep Foundation say, a good mattress is paramount to a good night sleep. Caring for your mattress is important too – vacuum it, flip it every so often and you are recommended to buy a new one every eight years.

    Keep the colour scheme calm

    This marbled grey scheme could have us floating in the clouds in no time, but equally honey tones and heavenly white will send you off to the land of nod.

    Think about your room design

    For some it may be all about large windows, for others a vaulted ceiling or even a teeny tiny nook – whichever architectural character makes you feel most zen, employ it in the master suite.

    Pile on the pillows and throws

    Make your bed a den of dreams with lots of pillows, cushions and throws of varying materials and textures. In the summer months you’ll want to minimise the fuss and opt for clean sheets without the frills, but in the winter we can’t get enough of faux fur, chunky textures and fluffy covers.

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