Guess how much the average wedding guest spends… We’ll give you a clue, it’s over half a grand

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  • Between gifts, food, clothes and accommodation, how much are you willing to spend on a friend's wedding?

    Wedding season is upon us, but it’s not just the Bride and Groom whose wallets are getting hit hard.

    A recent survey carried out by home insurance provider Policy Expert revealed the average wedding guest will spend £644 per wedding this year.

    Between gifts, the cost of food, a new outfit, accommodation costs and the ever-growing opulence of stag and hen dos, the average Brit spends over £600 on the soiree, each!

    35% of wedding guests even feel so generous as to gift an engagement present ahead of the celebration.

    So what kind of extravagant gift can the Bride and Groom expect from this small fortune?

    37% of wedding-goers said they tread carefully and strictly stick to the wedding list usually issued by a large department store, like John Lewis or Selfridges.

    Other gift-givers play it safe with cash toward honeymoons and shop vouchers, whilst 3.5% attempt to craft handmade presents like photo albums and scrap books to save some pennies.

    Of course, it’s mums and dads who are the biggest spenders, totting up a gift receipt of over £700. Beyond them, grandparents and siblings are known to spoil the happy couple by spending a staggering £250 and £150 respectively. How many teapots can you get for that?

    Friend wise, who spends the most? The Scots. If you have a clan of Scottish pals then you can expect a gift in the region of £58, but bad luck if you’re getting married in the South East as they only spend £39 due to dearer accommodation.

    How much will you be spending this season?

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