How to bring your holiday home

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  • There’s so much incredible design inspiration abroad that coming home from holiday doesn’t need to be such a drag. Bring your vacation back with you through inventive decorating ideas, and meaningful souvenirs.

    1. Experiment with new patterns and materials

    That fabric you saw at a bustling market half way across the world? Bring it home! By trying new patterns and materials inspired by your holiday, you can really add an exotic flare to a tired room. And, if you stick to a defined colour scheme, there will be no such thing as too many patterns.

    2. Transform your taste (literally)

    One of the best things about holidays is the food and drink, but trying new things doesn’t have to have an expiry date. Throw dinner parties with a little flavour, serve drinks the colour of bubblegum, embrace vacation spontaneity every day.

    3. Don’t leave the five stars behind

    Luxury doesn’t have to be reserved for swanky hotels. Glam gold’s and silk sheets are the perfect way to bring that holiday feeling home. Think a metallic four-poster bed is too much? Think again. If it’s commonplace in expensive hotels, then it’s ideal for you.

    4. Be bold with new ideas

    Other cultures can inspire great decorating ideas, and it’s no secret that bolder is better. Be a little creative and add something unusual to your home by stealing ideas from beautiful attractions across the world.

    5. Keep it light

    Nothing screams summer more than ice cream shades. Pale pastels instantly add brightness to a room, even if it’s pouring rain outside. A blend of light colours adds a little snap, crackle and pop, while still maintaining a soft, holiday feel.

    6. Stay traditional with quirky souvenirs

    If bold statements aren’t for you then remember your holiday the conventional way, with kooky souvenirs. Smaller items can sometimes tell bigger stories, sparking humorous anecdotes and keeping the memory of your holiday alive (even if it is through a crab telephone).

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