Fashion your own fabric potholders

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  • Put your sewing skills to good use by recycling old fabric to create a handy place for hot pots

    Give old woolly jumpers and pairs of jeans a new lease of life by making them into practical potholders.

    Simple to make, all you need to do for each one is:

    1. Cut out a rectangle, at least 18x25cm, from a piece of 100% wool knit fabric (don’t use synthetics), then a slightly smaller one from denim and another smaller again from cotton fabric.

    2. Fray the edge of the denim, then machine stitch through the three layers on the four edges.

    3. Cut out a back pocket from the jeans and sew on top along three sides, leaving the opening free.

    4. Finish the knit fabric with blanket-stitch or sew a long running stitch all round using wool.

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