The breakfast grill is back this weekend – in the new Aldi kitchen event

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  • Thanks to these new kitchen gadgets at Aldi it's never been more affordable to cook deliciously healthy meals

    Our waistlines might not be slim but budgets definitely are in January, after the expense of Christmas. Don’t let that stop you fulfilling New Year’s resolutions of embracing a healthier lifestyle. There’s really no excuse with Aldi’s new affordable kitchen range.

    In addition to the Joe Wicks books, the latest kitchen Specialbuys event includes an offering of Breakfast grills, blenders, air fryers and slow cookers.

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    In the Specialbuys aisles this weekend, it’s all about knocking-up healthy, delicious meals and juices on a budget.

    Aldi kitchen event

    Here is the mighty all-in-one breakfast pan. Still enjoy all the things you love, simply cooked in a healthier manner with this breakfast grill – it uses hardly any oil at all. Tom Daley is a fan of these!

    Buy now: Ambiano Multi Section Grill, £19.99, Aldi

    Aldi kitchen

    Whip-up smoothies in no time with this handy gadget. The powerful blender features a six-fold stainless steel blade, perfect for blending fibrous fruits and leafy vegetables.

    The blender includes a base station and two shakers, which also double up as cups to drink on-the-go.

    Buy now: Ambiano Nutrient Blender, £29.99, Aldi

    Aldi kitchen

    Chips can still be on the menu for January, thanks to this ingenious air fryer. The beauty of an air fryer means you can cook with less oil and cut the calories.

    Featuring a 17-litre capacity and extra accessories, including an oil spray bottle and two mesh trays, it also comes with a recipe book for extra inspiration.

    Buy now: Ambiano 2 in 1 Air Fryer, £29.99, Aldi

    Aldi kitchen

    If you’re batch-cooking lunches and preparing breakfasts smoothies to go, Tupperware is a must. This range has a solution for all your takeaway needs. Prices start from £2.99.

    Aldi kitchen

    The slow cooker is the hero kitchen gadget for winter, since it does all the hard work while you’re out and about, doing your thing. Aldi’s Digital Slow Cooker is super easy to use and available in metallic red, stainless steel or gun mental grey – adding a touch of style to your kitchen.

    Buy now: Ambiano Digital Slow Cooker, £27.99, Aldi

    Aldi kitchen

    While staying in and saving money, popcorn is a must to get through January! Especially with all the new Netflix watching to get through (YOU and Bird Box to name a few!).

    Making your own helps to keep it healthier and more cost-effective.

    Buy now: Ambiano Popcorn Maker, £12.99, Aldi

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    Let’s start the year as we mean to go on – happier, healthier and slightly richer!

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