From self-making to eject buttons – what’s your dream bed function?

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  • Britons dream beds revealed in fun new poll

    Remember the epic scene in Wallace and Gromit when sleepy head Wallace was forcibly ejected from his bed and served breakfast while still rubbing the sleep from his eyes? It was almost as good as the penguin pretending to be a chicken in The Wrong Trousers.

    Well, it isn’t just me lusting after Wallace’s fabulous bed functionality (which would make me on time for work everyday without fail).

    A new poll has discovered our dream bed functions, with some pretty smart ideas coming out on top from those surveyed.

    The survey by Terrys Fabric asked Brits for their ultimate dream bed – if money and technology were no problem, of course.

    An eject button came out as the top request, followed by temperature control – which would do away with seasonal duvets and endless sweaty nights over the summer.

    Number three on the list was a vibrating functionality that gave the bed the feeling of an earthquake.

    Moving swiftly on…

    Here are the top five requests, should smart beds be the next big thing in interiors:

    1. Eject function

    2. Temperature control

    3. Built-in speaker system for alarms

    4. Earthquake/vibration function (!)

    Self-making i.e. the bed tidies itself

    What would be your number one function for your dream bed? Keep it clean, people…

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