Celebs love The Range’s rose golden kitchen collection – even Keith Lemon’s a fan

It seems we're not the only ones obsessed with all things rose gold
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  • The Range’s collection of rose gold kitchen accessories has always left us feeling a little giddy with child-like joy. Knocking up scrambled eggs in a metallic pink frying pan is the stuff dream kitchens are made of.

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    While we were happy nurturing our rose gold kitchen accessories obsession (mostly) in private, it seems we’re not the only ones with a soft spot for the metallic hue. The rose gold collection appears to have attracted a celeb fan base too…

    rose gold kitchen accessories 1

    The rose gold kitchen accessories scored a starring role in the recent episode of shopping with Keith Lemon. The TV presenter joined comedian Katherine Ryan in The Range as she picked up a few finishing touches for her new home.

    The two swooned over the rose gold collection at the end of one of the bays. ‘I love anything rose gold or brushed copper,’ Katherine Ryan exclaimed as she carried a rose gold frying pan, baking tray and cake tin to the till.

    Why don’t we take a closer look at a few of the two celebs star buys.

    Rose Gold Kitchen Accessories

    Rose Gold frying pan

    rose gold kitchen accessories 3

    Buy now: Rose Gold Frying Pan, £7.99, The Range

    While this is pan will look lovely just sitting in your kitchen, Katherine Ryan pointed out to Keith Lemon that this frying pan was not just for display. We’re sure she will not be disappointed with this pan. Available in three sizes, this frying pans are both gorgeous and durable, and a bargain with prices starting at  £7.

    Rose Gold Oven tray

    Rose gold kitchen accessories 2

    Buy now: Rose Gold Oven Tray, £4.99, The Range

    We can just imagine how excited Katherine Ryan’s daughter will be to make a batch of cookies or oven chips on this pink hued tray. The tray is non-stick and can be used for everything from roast potatoes to a big batch of shortbread. The comedian was so enamoured with the trays she picked up two for her new kitchen.

    Rose Gold Cake Tin

    e gold kitchen accessories 4

    Buy now: Rose Gold Cake Tin, £3.99, The Range

    No kitchen would be complete without a tin for whipping up an imprint Victoria sponge cake. This 24 cm cake tin with non-stick coating will be perfect for all the comedian’s baking needs. We must admit we’d love nothing more than sitting down for a slice of home-made chocolate cake with her and Keith Lemon, to discuss all things rose gold.

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    We can only imagine the two star’s reaction’s if they’d seen the Range’s Rose Gold microwave, but we might keep that find for ourselves.

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