Come fly with me, come fly… on London Underground?

London Underground continues its anniversary celebrations with a look back at its links to the city's airports

Not ones to shy away from a celebration, or the chance to buy some kit for our next trip abroad, the team at Livingetc has gone all misty-eyed at the sight of London Underground’s themed products for its on-going 150th anniversary.

Among the goodies on offer at the London Transport Museum Shop, are these splendid posters, depicting that time in the not-so-distant past when getting on the Tube to zoom, ahem, down to Heathrow meant the start of a jolly adventure, rather than the tedious journey we often suffer today.

Fly the Tube by Geoff Senior was first produced in 1979 as part of a promotion to plug the Piccadilly Line as the go-to transport system to get to Heathrow. Apparently, before this giant leap into the future, travellers had to get on a bus which took them directly on to the tarmac in front of their alloted flight. Tsk, the cheek of it… Anyway, as a reminder of the magnificent Concorde, prints of Fly the Tube are available to order, priced from £9.95.

Also on our wish list is this handy Pan Am 48-hour bag, £55; just the kind of thing you need to rest your head on if the flight is – unexpectedly – delayed.

And to remind us of home once we’ve reached those far-off places, we’ve plumped for the Straub Moquette washbag, £59 – an ideal repository for your bottle of Eau de Piccadilly Line.

Seriously though, we love these products and the thoughts that lay behind them. London Underground is a unique part of the city’s iconography and an instantly recognisable symbol of the city across the globe. And where would we be without it? Probably stuck in gridlock, somewhere near the Heathrow turn-off on the M25…

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