Now you can nap anywhere with this genius inflatable hoodie

Sleep off the January blues wherever and whenever you like

Fancy a quick power nap? Who doesn’t – particularly in January!

Thanks to a very clever chap in the States, a super-comfy ‘sleep anywhere’
inflatable napping hoodie is now a reality.

A Kickstarter campaign to make the Hypnos Sleep Hoodie has made a whopping $52,821 – and it only had a goal of $30,000!

The handy hoodie is worn like an ordinary jumper, but is secretly an inflatable top that brilliantly turns itself into a super cosy portable pillow with a few puffs of air.

The Kickstarter campaign is into its final days of fundraising, but for $49 you can pre-order this napping essential, which will be with you in March – just in time for springtime snoozes in the park.

The hoodie can be ordered in a range of colours – speckled grey, charcoal grey and black – and is blown up in just three seconds.

The blurb on the Kickstarter page tells you all you need to know: ‘The Hypnos Hoodie is a beautiful, comfortable and practical hoodie designed for creatives, travellers, commuters and anybody who has a moment to take a rest.

‘It’s more than a hoodie, it’s your day-to-day (and day-to-night) essential comfort garment, and it does things other hoodies can’t. The hood inflates to form a perfectly ergonomic pillow for rest on the go.’

Sign us up!

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