Le Creuset January sale deals 2021 – discounts at John Lewis, Amazon, and Selfridges

There are up to 40% reductions... but they won't last long so get in quick
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  • If there are still some items on your wish-list post-Christmas, you’re in luck with some fantastic sales in full swing as the Christmas celebrations wind down. Le Creuset is a brand that never goes out of a fashion.

    A real investment piece (and status symbol!) for the kitchen, the prices aren’t cheap, but the quality is so high that a lot of the product range comes with a lifetime guarantee. So if you’re shopping for cookware for the new year, grab the chance to save big in the Le Creuset January sales.

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    Where can I buy cheap Le Creuset?

    With up to 40 per cent off key cast-iron dishes and more, during the Boxing Day sales, now is your perfect opportunity to shop this sought after cookware, and save some money in the process.

    We’ve scoured our favourite retailers to find the very best discounts on premium Le Creuset products, from classic cast iron casserole dishes to smart stoneware kitchen essentials.

    Le Creuset deals 2021 – quick links

    We’ve only included genuine le Creuset in our list of offers.

    Le creuset cookware in white and orange

    Image credit: Sean Myers

    When it comes to the Le Creuset Cast Iron we say go with a bold colour choice to inject personality to your cooking. Or choose a neutral colour for a more classic look. Playing it safe with neutral also means no matter what’s ‘on trend’, your dishes will always be in style – making them more timeless and cost-efficient.

    John Lewis Le Creuset January sale

    Le Creuset Essentials Cast Iron 26cm round casserole pot: was £245, now £147, John Lewis
    Available in Volcanic orange or Satin Black,  this round pot is ideal for one-pot dishes – anything from quick and easy 30-minute meals to slow-cooked aromatic stews, soups and bouillabaisse.

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    Le Creuset medium stoneware storage jar in cotton: was £18 now £19.60, John Lewis
    Made from Le Creuset’s famous stoneware, this airtight storage jar provides cool, dry and dark conditions ideal for storing pantry essentials such as pasta, rice, coffee, tea, sugar, herbs, spices and more. The Cotton colour is a fresh and versatile – perfect for all styles of kitchen.

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    Le Creuset Essential Cast Iron 24cm Skinny Square Grill: Save 40%, now £51, John Lewis 
    Perfect for grilling and searing meats – get the taste of outdoor grilling without having to light the BBQ outside! The cast iron offers the ability to grill at higher surface temperatures and retains heat for longer, and the ridges create char lines and drain off excess fat.

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     Wayfair Le Creuset January sale

    Le Creuset Stoneware Large Heritage Rectangular Dish: was £62, Now £46.99, Wayfair
    This is one of the more affordable heritage stoneware dishes. Its design makes it a very versatile piece for your everyday roasting, baking, marinating and serving. Easy-grip scalloped handles mean it’s safe and effortless to move around, while deep side walls bring you plenty of cooking space.

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    Selfridges Le Creuset January sale

    Le Creuset Signature cast iron 26cm grillit: was £125, now £100, Selfridges
    Le Creuset’s cast iron grillit has a black enamel interior so it can withstand higher surface temperatures making it perfect for grilling meat or vegetables and it can also be used for roasting and de-glazing meat residues.

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    Harrods Le Creuset January sale

    Le Creuset Frying Pan: was £159.01, now £125.01, Harrods
    This cast iron frying pan is a kitchen staple that is well worth the investment as its durable and looks even better over time. The wooden handle maximises comfort and stays cooler to the touch.

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    Le Creuset Black Shallow Round Casserole Dish: was £210, now £165, Harrods
    Perfect for browning meat and vegetables, cooking up casseroles, knocking up a stir fry and even baking, this shallow 26cm casserole dish is a great addition to your cookware kit. The pan comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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    Le Creuset Deep Casserole Dish: was £190, now £150, Harrods
    The classic French cookware has had a modern makeover with this smart Deep Casserole 29cm Dish. Made from aluminium, this is the perfect pan for knocking up one-pot dinners for the family.

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    Le Creuset 3-Ply Stainless Steel Shallow Casserole Dish: was £189, now £150.01, Harrods
    With a wide base and durable 3-ply stainless steel interior, this casserole dish is a high-performer. It can be used without the lid as a frying and sauté pan on the hob or for roasting or baking in the oven.

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    Why is Le Creuset so expensive?

    The Le Creuset iconic cast-iron cookware is a highly desirable brand for kitchens everywhere, thanks to its superior cooking attributes. The cast iron distributes and retains heat evenly without hotspots to ensure that you get the best results each time; whether you’re simmering, baking or roasting.

    Buying a classic cast iron cookware set is an investment. It’s a big initial outlay, but Le Creuset dishes will stand the test of time! When you work out the cost per use, there’s no quibbling the value of owning great cookware. Especially with winter on the way, a casserole dish is invaluable.

    And while it’s regarded in such supreme excellence, it does mean it’s rather expensive – too expensive for some budgets, sadly.

    A brief history of Le Creuset

    Founded by Belgians Armand Desaegher and Octave Aubecq in 1925 in northern France, Le Creuset is something of a cookware institution. The company built its success on the Le Creuset cocotte, or French oven. It remains its most popular piece, still manufactured in the original factory, from the same mix of pig-iron, recycled steel and recycled iron.
    Aside from their robust build and even cooking, Le Creuset pieces are famed for their beautiful colours. The first to make waves was Volcanic orange launched in 1934, and today, you can buy pots and pans in every colour on the spectrum, from delicate pinks to deep coastal blues and deep red.

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    Now is the time to finally snap up the dream Le Creuset set you’ve been hankering after.

    Trust us, you will not regret buying these pans at the best price you can– we love ours, it’s worth every penny!

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