Our Editor's favourite SodaStream Spirit is on sale for Amazon Prime Day for under £50

Go greener with your sparkling water habit by investing in the SodaStream Spirit this Amazon Prime Day. It is better than half price

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If you are looking for an Amazon Prime Day kitchen deal that keeps on giving, this nifty kitchen appliance ticks two feelgood boxes in one go. Making sparkling water in a matter of seconds, the Prime Day SodaStream Spirit sparkling water maker deal will keep you hydrated as part of a healthy lifestyle, and reduce plastic waste, helping to save you up to a staggering 1,282 single-use plastic bottles over 4 years.

So while you're browsing this year's Amazon Prime Day deals, don't miss this better than half price deals which means you can pick up my favourite kitchen helper for less than £50 today. This has been flying off the virtual shelves so you will need to grab it fast while stocks last. See all about the deal below and should you need more convicing, I share why I bought a SodaStream Spirit for my home.

Amazon Prime SodaStream Spirit sparkling water maker deal

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Why our Editor thinks this is a must buy

Ideal Home’s Editor, Heather Young, invested in one for her own kitchen. She says, ‘I was on a mission to increase my daily water intake, but water straight out of the tap just wasn't cutting it for me. I'm a fan of fizzy water, but was trying to cut down on plastic waste, so the SodaStream Spirit sparkling water maker was the perfect solution. Now I have sparkling water at the touch of a button.’

And Heather isn't the only one getting in a fizz over her retro kitchen appliance. It turns out This Morning's Eamonn Holmes is also a fan of the SodaStream.

For some of us, SodaStreams have connotations of kid's birthday parties in the 80s and 90s – everyone queuing for their cherryade while some poor mum stands making batch after batch in the SodaStream. But these days, the SodaStream has had a sustainable makeover, and while you can get all the syrups that made it something to look forward to back in the day (and some rather fancy ones for making tonic water and posh lemonades) for many the big pull is being able to save money and reduce plastic use for your fizzy water habit.

sodastream spirit sparkling water

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The SodaStream Spirit sparkling water maker is a real family favourite in Ideal Home Editor Heather Young's home. 'My 11-year-old twins love making their own sparkling water,' she says. 'They mix it with sugar-free squash so they feel like they're getting a fizzy drink. It's a healthier alternative to high sugar canned or bottled options.'

If you grab yourself a SodaStream Spirit tonight, make sure to share your drinks and cocktail recipes with us on our Facebook page!

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