Yeezy does it: Ikea brings big bed concept to Kanye West

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  • Looking to redesign your bedroom? The Yeezy could be the bed of your dreams...

    Kanye West’s love of Ikea apparently knows no bounds as the rapper, songwriter and entrepreneur announced this week that he was keen to collaborate with everyone’s favourite Swedish retailer.

    ‘I have to work with Ikea,’ he revealed on BBC Radio 1 this week ‘with furniture, with interior design, for architecture’.

    Ikea has gamely responded on Facebook with its Yeezy bed concept: a trio of slatted-base beds bolted together in more than a nod to Kanye’s Famous video, which features some rather interesting sleeping arrangements for the singer’s, ahem, intimate circle of friends.

    It’s fair to say there’s been rather a mixed response from Ikea fans, with more than one wondering if the giant bed concept might have a screw loose.

    It’s all a long way from the ‘chuck out your chintz’ campaign, but here at Housetohome we’re wondering if there might be some mileage in the Yeezy floating through the air with Kardashian-Wests falling through a bracing updraft. Those people at Ikea just might be on to something…

    And with the collaborative spirit in mind, might we be so bold as to suggest actor Johnny Depp join forces with Australia’s top-dog company Houndhouse (‘Where the cool dogs lay’)? You heard it here first…

    Images: Kanye West

    by Peter Hutchins

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