6 ways to add some punch to greys

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  • Who says grey has to be dull? Not this stylish home

    1. Add pops of colour

    The base of this living room may be greys and off-whites, but it’s the bold injection of colour and luxe details that steal the show. The custom Louis XV fireplace and 1930s stag chandeliers add beautiful, delicate detailing, while the yellow velvet armchairs are all the brightness this room needs.

    2. Make use of space

    Creating a reading area at the base of the stairs is an elegant way to add some warmth to your monochrome backrgound. The glints of metallic from the mirror and the Brissi armchair create a tempting nook to browse through your favourite magazines in an otherwise unused space.

    3. Use different textures

    The easiest way to stop grey on grey falling flat? Add some texture! A mix of hardwood flooring, sleek surfaces and soft fabrics adds depth and new dimensions.

    4. Bring in the light

    While floor to ceiling windows aren’t possible for every room, full length mirrors are the perfect way to make the most ot of natural light. A walk in wardrobe like this one could easily become a dark and confused space, but by having the mirror and window facing one another, light bounces off every surface.

    5. Add in some surprises

    Breaking the rules and adding some fun into your home is always appealing, but while in a brightly coloured house it’s easy to go over the top, a grey scheme is the perfect backdrop for some extra personality. The master bathroom above is the perfect example of this, merging the fireplace and chandelier associated with a formal living room, with a modern, structural bath.

    6. Make the most of white

    Grey and white can be the best of friends, so make sure you don’t forget about the lighter tone. Whites make the grey more effective and striking, as well as enhancing that all-important natural light.

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