7 amazingly useful things our mum taught us

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  • From storage tips to stain-removal advice, our mums have given us a wealth of knowledge on all things home-related. Here's a few of the best....

    There are many wisdoms that our mother’s teach us when we grow up. Whether it’s practical advice or a few wise words about life, we’ve realised that many of her teachings have stayed. Here’s some practical tips that are invaluable in everyday life.

    1. Use newspaper to get streak-free windows

    We have to admit when we were younger we didn’t appreciate the value of this statement. But back then we didn’t really care too much about cleaning. So if your struggling with streaky windows remember your mum’s advice, here’s a quick recap…lightly dip your newspaper into a jar of cleaning solution, start rubbing in a circular pattern, then switch to a vertical, and horizontal until all the liquid has dissipated and you’re left with a shiny, streak free windows!

    2. Never forget how useful a laundry pen can be

    Yes, I know what you’re thinking – it’s just a big marker pen… but once you’ve got school-age kids you’ll appreciate how useful they are – no more sewing all those name tags into their gym shorts. Hoorah!

    3. Use milk to clean a red wine stain

    Who knew that milk would be such a great cleaning product? If you’ve got a stubborn red wine mark, simply dab up the excess liquid, then pour or blot the stain with milk and hey presto, the stain should disapper asap!

    4. Tap a jar to release the pressure

    I think granny may have taught us this great trick – if you’re having problems opening a jar, simply turn upside down and then tap the bottom. The tapping motion releases water vapor (and other gases) from the contents, decreasing the pressure difference between inside and outside the jar making it easy to open. Magic!

    5. Family comes first

    Ok, so this might be a soppy one, but our mums taught us to cherish every moment with our families. So the next time you have that squabble with your sister or misunderstanding wth your dad, remember how much you both love, need and support each other.

    6. Change a duvet cover inside out

    A simple, but good one. Make changing a duvet cover super easy by turning it inside out and grabbing the corners. Then match them up with the corners of the actual duvet and start to pull the sheet over. You’ll be done in half the time.

    7. Lemon juice is amazing

    From freshening up the fridge, to cleaning a scummy shower screen, there are literally hundreds of amazing uses for lemons. Thanks to mum we know the amazing properites of this humble fruit!

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