Happy Independence Day: Red, white and blue style inspiration to celebrate 4th July

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  • Give a nod to our American pals with these design ideas for every room

    Red, white and blue isn’t just a colour combination us Brits are proud off. On Saturday, July 4, America celebrates Independence Day – which gives us a great excuse to style it out with those three iconic colours…


    The gloss units and work surface in this modern kitchen keep the room bright and light, despite the dark blue tones of the cupboard doors. Clashing pale blue appliances and yellow lights add personality to the traditional red, white and blue scheme.

    Children’s room

    Red, white and blue are perfect choices for a neutral child’s bedroom or nursery if you don’t want to go down the twee ‘pink for girls’ and ‘blue for boys’ route. If you don’t want to commit to bold colours on the wall, choose white paint with coloured accessories to brighten it up.


    A garden party is the perfect way to celebrate our pals across the pond – and the easiest. Pick up some red, white and blue themed bunting (or even a style with the American flag if you really want to go to town), throw down a table cloth and fire up the barbie.

    Living room

    The easiest way to make a style statement in your living room is to choose one killer piece of furniture and make it bold. This room really goes to town on the red, white and blue theme, with dark blue panelling and red armchair and dresser for a holiday feel that is infectious.


    Remember when Mr Big painted his bedroom bright red in Sex and the City? It didn’t look too hot.
    Instead, introduce delicate blue and red tones to your boudoir with a duvet or wallpaper.


    If you’re lucky enough to have space for a rolltop tub, a stricking block colour can work wonders. If you don’t have space or funds for that, there are numberous easy ways to spruce up your bathroom – think new towels, toilet brush holders and storage units.

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