Most popular pet names revealed!

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  • From Alfie to Bellla, the most popular pet names in the UK are revealed in the latest survey by Animal Friends Pet Insurance

    Alfie, Charlie, Bella and Poppy have topped the list of the UK’s most popular pet names, according to a new survey from Animal Friends Pet Insurance.

    Officially Alfie is the most popular, with Bella
    is a close second and Charlie third in a study by the insurance firm’s 60,000 customers. The most unusual pet name was revealed to be Corbyn!

    findings came after the insurance company studied the names of its
    policy holders collected in the first quarter of this year.

    is officially the most popular dog name among the nation’s 8.5 million
    pooches while Charlie topped the poll as the number one name among the
    country’s 8 million cats.

    They also looked at the inspirations behind the names.

    total 805 animals were named after foods, 567 named after musicians and
    704 named after popular TV and film franchises such as Marvel, Star
    Wars and Game of Thrones.

    The most popular food based names were Cookie, Fudge, Rolo, Oreo and Biscuit.

    most common musically influenced names are Marley, Ozzy and Elvis with
    tributes to the late David Bowie and Motorhead’s Lemmy making up the
    fourth and sixth positions respectively.


    For every pet: Alfie, Bella, Charlie, Daisy, Bailey, Buddy, Archie, Coco, Barney and George

    For dogs: Alfie, Poppy, Bella, Charlie, Molly, Max, Daisy, Ruby, Lola and Bailey

    For cats: Charlie, Bailey, Poppy, Alfie, Oscar, Daisy, Lola, Molly, Milly and Milo

    For horses: Rosie, Alfie, Bailey, Belle, Bobby, Joey, Lady, Molly, Benny and Betty

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