Amazon’s game-changing summer store will ensure you’re never caught out by the rain again

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  • Amazon now know what you'll need for that BBQ before you do, thanks to their super smart weather-proof shopping recommendations

    Oh the great British summer. Year after year we have such high hopes for a summer filled with sunshine, optimistically planning weekends full of barbecues, beach days, and picnics in the park. Then the rain invades and throws you off track.

    Alternatively, you may have shunned the possibility of a sunny weekend and prepared for a rainy summer weekend indoors. You’ve stocked up on snacks and planned what movies you’re going to watch, and haven’t even thought about getting the garden summer-ready, but you wake up on Saturday morning to glorious sun shining through your window.

    Amazon rain

    Either way, you are inevitably left unprepared. You’ve either got nothing to do when you’re stuck indoors, or no outdoor furniture or summer accessories when the sun does show its face.

    Amazon tent

    Enter Amazon. This week the online company has just launched a new weather-reactive store at to help customers find the best products and entertainment to satisfy their summer needs, whatever the weather.

    Using geo-targeting and weather data, the online retailer uses the forecast for your local area to suggests products that are right for you: So if the forecast is for a dreary and drizzly day, it might suggest wellies, umbrellas, and raincoats, as well as film recommendations through Amazon Prime. But go to the same page when things are looking brighter and garden furniture, sun cream, and paddling pools will appear, as well as Amazon Music playlists to accompany your barbecue.

    Amazon hiking

    What’s more, with Prime Now these items can be on your doorstep within an hour, so you can throw an impromptu garden party or get hold of wet weather contingency items in no time at all.

    The store features a wide range of on-trend products that are set to be the must-have garden accessories this summer, including ball pits, hanging chairs and outdoor fires.

    Amazon BBQ

    This could be a game-changer for how we shop… You’ll never be caught unprepared again!

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