Love thy neighbour: if you’re skipping down the street, it could be down to our renewed sense of community spirit

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  • The Royal Wedding, Queen's Jubilee... and Facebook groups - these are just a few of things that are contributing to our new sense of community

    Helping out in the local community, volunteering… what is it that gives you the warm and fuzzies?

    We’re all feeling the love for our local community, according to a new survey from Apollo Blinds.

    The poll of 1,700 Brits found that 64% of the nation feels prouder of their community than ever before.

    Buoyed by the community spirit that we experienced during events such as the Royal Wedding and Queen’s Jubilee, it seems that more of us are now taking part in local activities.

    Over half of those surveyed said they are getting involved in local groups more than they did three years ago, which has benefitted everything from community improvement schemes to book clubs as more people sign up.

    The top five reasons for the increase in local and national pride include the Royal Wedding, Facebook, Queen’s Jubilee, London Olympics, and the improved summer weather in 2013.

    Social media is also playing its part, as 82% of those polled said that they have discovered community initiatives through networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

    Facebook has roused the most support, according to the survey, with 56% saying that they have made new friends by getting involved in community schemes.

    ‘The nation’s renewed sense of community spirit is making a real difference,’ says Mike Stephen from Apollo Blinds. ‘The shot in the arm we needed came with the Royal Wedding, Queen’s Jubilee and the London Olympics, but it hasn’t dimmed since.

    ‘People feel empowered by this boom in community spirit. We’ve been told about all kinds of local initiatives, such as book-swaps in village railway stations and schemes based at local pubs where community leaders meet up to plan improvements,’ says Mike.

    ‘Some say it’s even reminiscent of the post-war years when communities came together.’

    With longer days ahead, this could be the perfect time of year to join a new group. Go on, give a little back to your local community… and enjoy!

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