5 affordable alternatives for IKEA's cult classics to shop now or regret later

Too far from your local IKEA or looking to bag a bargain? Look no further, we've got you covered

White cube shelving units with basket inserts and decorative items in dining room
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IKEA has certainly made its mark in the world of interiors, pioneering and laying the foundation for providing shoppers with all their go-to basics to start building a home they'll love.

While we love the Swedish retailer and an IKEA hack as much as the next person, there are cases where some of us may not live anywhere close to an IKEA (and don't get us started on their delivery fees). Or, we just simply can't (and won't) pass up on a good bargain.

We've tracked down some of the best IKEA dupes from an array of our favourite retailers, so you can get the cult classic look for less, without so much as having to break a sweat.

Orange trolley used as makeshift bar cart

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5 dupes for our favourite IKEA cult classics

These IKEA classics certainly make the bare bones of many homes, mainly because they're timeless basics that will stay steadfast despite the everchanging home decor trends sweeping social media.

We've previously let you in on our top 5 IKEA buys to make a small home look bigger (5 seems to be the lucky number). So, lo and behold, here are 5 dupes for our favourite IKEA cult classics, so you can get the look for less.

White cube shelving units with basket inserts and decorative items in dining room

(Image credit: IKEA)

1. RASKOG trolley

Of course, what better way to start this list of dupes than the storage and organisation essential championing small spaces? From small bedrooms, and small bathrooms, to small kitchens; IKEA RASKOG trolley ideas are the moment.

While £45 is fairly reasonable for the original IKEA version, we found an Amazon dupe that's almost £15 cheaper and almost identical.

2. MALM chest of 4 drawers

The MALM chest of 4 drawers has definitely made its rounds in many a bedroom as a go-to clothes storage idea and a piece of furniture that deserves a top spot amongst bedroom trends.

At £120, it's a solid price considering its functionality and how utterly stylish it looks in any room. However, we've scoured Amazon and found a dupe for the 4-drawer fan-favourite for £85.99 – and it's nearly £35 cheaper sporting a similar look and purpose.

3. KALLAX shelving units

The iconic KALLAX units have never failed us. Everywhere we turn, we see a new transformation surfacing turning these basic shelving units into a genius coffee bar hack or even a dreamy Scandi-inspired cabinet.

IKEA's bestseller for this shelving unit is the one with 8 compartments, coming in at £65. However, we've found a lookalike at B&Q that's only £38! Mind you, the B&Q version only has 6 compartments, but with nearly £30 in savings, we can't complain.

4. BILLY bookcase

If there's another storage unit that ranks similarly to the KALLAX units in terms of frequency of being used in hacks, it's the BILLY bookcase, as homeowners and designers alike have transformed their bookcases into show-stopping display cabinets. Not to mention its use as a classic book storage idea.

We found a dupe for the bookcase at Argos, going for £50. We know the savings aren't huge considering the IKEA original is £55, but if you live far from your local IKEA or want a quality alternative after IKEA's material change to the Billy bookcase, customers adore the Argos version. And we're sure you won't be disappointed yourself.

5. MALM chest of 2 drawers

We know we've already hit you with a MALM classic earlier in this list, but we couldn't not mention this bedside table staple as well – especially since we also found a sweet dupe that we had to share.

If you're in your 'wellness era' and are trying to keep a decluttered beside table as part of your Sunday reset routine, this bedroom addition is certainly one to consider. We found a dupe for the MALM drawers at Amazon for £32.99, which is considerably cheaper than the original £55 IKEA version.

We know there are probably a million different IKEA dupes floating around on the internet, but we thought that opting for these 5 cult classics would help streamline your money-saving search and give you a sturdy starting point.

It's always useful to know where it's worth spending and saving so do your research and read some reviews before making a decision on whether to buy the IKEA OGs or the alternatives.

Happy shopping!

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