Say goodbye to long queues at Waitrose as the supermarket giant opens its first cashless store

Going to the supermarket? Forget manned checkouts and cash purchases, now all you need is your mobile phone!

Supermarket giant Waitrose is launching its first ever cashless store in London which is set to revolutionise the way we shop.

The store will open in Sky’s new head office and
will only allow employees to pay by card or using Apple Pay through their mobile device.

There will be five self-service checkouts in the 1,400 sq ft Osterley branch which will hopefully mean the end of long queues and overcrowding.

Waitrose is keen to show off it’s innovative approach to retail by launching the new store, which will allow people to pay via card and with Apple Pay on various devices.

Consumers will soon also be able to pay with Android
mobile devices when the functionality launches in a few months.

With the rise of self-service checkouts and less manned tills, the new store, which is due for completion this summer, could be a template for other supermarkets to follow suit.

However, currently there is a
daily cap of £30 on spending with contactless plastic cards and mobile
phone apps like Apple Pay and Android Pay in order to limit the dangers
of fraud.

Another supermarket giant, Tesco is set to make payments even easier with it’s new PayQwiq mobile payment app. The new app, which has already been trialled, allows purchases of up to £400 in a single visit.

Whatever that means for the future, one thing’s for sure, at the moment it still doesn’t sound as easy as online shopping!

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