When tip-offs go REALLY wrong: company forced to sell off ‘Princess’ plates on the cheap following Royal baby blunder

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  • The Royal baby wait had us all guessing. But not so one Dorset company that rolled out 5,000 commemorative 'Princess' plates following a mysterious 'insider' tip-off

    Unless you live on a very remote island with no access to TV, radio or another living soul, chances are you will have heard about the birth of our esteemed future monarch, His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge.

    All the pre-baby fuss – is it going to be a girl, or… well, a boy… and what on earth will they possibly name the special one – seems like a dim and distant memory now the family has decamped to the Middleton fortress in the shires.

    So spare a thought for one, as yet unnamed, Dorset businessman who confidently rolled out 5,000 (dare I say, rather hideous) commemorative plates celebrating the birth of a ‘Royal Princess’. Quelle horreur!

    Word is that the company produced the plates following a tip-off from an ‘inside man’ who assured the family-run business that the Duchess of Cambridge was due to give birth to a girl.

    Well, history will attest that it was not meant to be and one can imagine there may have been a few heads in hands and eggs on faces when Kate and Wills announced the birth of their bouncing baby boy last Monday.

    Faced with being lumbered with thousands of pounds of worthless merchandise, the firm cut its losses and sold the plates to Wholesale Clearance in the hope of recovering some of their investment.

    Wholesale Clearance Managing Director Karl Baxter spotted an opportunity and snapped up the plates, which are now selling in job lots of 50 for £149 – the equivalent of £2.98 each.

    The company has even suggested several possible uses for the ‘pieces of inaccurate history’, including ‘waiting for baby number two and selling them for a profit’, ‘having a plate smashing contest’ and using them to ‘give to your colleagues as the worst secret Santa present ever’.

    But this isn’t the only commemorative baby paraphernalia anticipating the sex of the Royal progeny. A couple of weeks ago we reported how the Hosanna China Company had produced commemorative mugs celebrating the birth of a Royal baby boy.

    Presumably after a tip-off from a more accurately informed ‘insider’.

    Wholesale Clearance’s ‘Princess’ plates

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