This unbelievable deal on 150 Finish dishwasher tablets will see you through Christmas and beyond

These Cyber Monday cleaning bundle deals are not to be missed
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  • Turns out Cyber Monday is not just for tech fans! We’re dubbing it Cleaning essentials Monday instead as we round up the unmissable discounts to be had on cleaning essentials. From All-in-one tables to rinse aid these Cyber Monday Finish dishwasher tablet deals and more are worth stocking up on, ahead of Christmas.

    Because the one thing no one wants for Christmas, is the job of washing up!

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    Cyber Monday Finish dishwasher product deals

    Finish All-in-One Max Dishwasher Tablets, ORIGINAL, Multipack of 5 x 30: £14.99, Amazon
    That’s a total of 150 Tablets for just under £15! Working out at 10p per dishwasher load, which compared to supermarket Tesco’s price of £9 for 75…meaning to get the same 150 tablets will cost you £18. Every little saving counts.

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    Finish All-in-One Max Dishwasher Tablets, LEMON, Multipack of 5 x 30: £14.99, Amazon
    The same great value. The same great cleaning credentials. Just with a hint of lemony freshness for added value.

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    Finish Rinse Aid for Shinier and Drier Dishes ORIGINAL, Pack of 6: RRP £15, Now £10.99, Amazon
    A quick dry formula speeds up dish drying process making dishes immediately available to use – which is handy for the festive period with the conveyor belt approach to food. Comparing the price to supermarkets it’s a good price for this branded dishwasher solution.

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    Finish Dishwasher Cleaner ORIGINAL, Pack of 8: RRP £23.94, now £11.99, Amazon
    Did you know dishwashers need to be cleaned every month to ensure they are running properly?! That’s what the experts advise.So make sure you stock up on cleaning solution, to ensure the Christmas loads don’t take their toll. Because buying a new dishwasher will prove way more expensive.

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    Cleaning products are household essentials, perhaps not considered a treat. But then all savings are a treat because that’s money in your pocket that you would have spent elsewhere.

    Small savings on bulk buys can go a long way. Not to mention not having to go to the shops to buy products every week. Because it’s all about the little wins at the minute, isn’t it?

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