News flash: Zen and tidy living is a priority for modern-day students

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  • Yes, we have to confess, we were surprised too...

    ‘Tidiness’ and ‘students’ aren’t generally two words that we would naturally connect together in a word game. It’s not so much that students are intrinsically messy, but, with so much fun to be had, cleaning doesn’t always make it high up on the to-do list.

    Well, it certainly didn’t when we were at university – and honestly, it wasn’t that long ago… I’m a pretty tidy person (always have been – at the age of four, I was known to make my own bed without being asked to). However, while I didn’t live in a dirty pit at university, I definitely did forget about the cleaning. Other things – namely friends and fun, oh and studying of course – were on my mind.

    But times are changing. According to a survey by, 55% of students like to keep their halls ‘calm, minimal, Zen and spotless’. Meanwhile, only 15% conform to the stereotype of a scruffy person surrounded by unwashed coffee mugs.

    Admittedly, working is easier in a tidy space. And perhaps it’s because of whopping £9,000 tuition fees that students are taking things more seriously. With nights out in bars and clubs being so expensive as well, it’s no wonder that students are hanging out at home.

    What they do splurge on, it seems, is their accommodation. According to the same research, 70% of those surveyed were prepared to spend money on decorating their rooms, with anything from fridges and sofas to silk sheets (whatever happened to a poly-cotton mix?).

    Past generations might have preferred a sweaty dance floor to luxurious bedding, but today’s student is tidy, super diligent and an interiors whizz – goodness me, it’s a whole new world!

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