Our shopping editor's top-rated air purifier is on sale for less than £100 for Prime Big Deals Day

Don't miss out on snapping this sweet deal while it's hot

A cylindrical air purifer by a desk in a home office
(Image credit: BlueAir)

Our top-rated air purifier is currently significantly reduced in the Amazon Prime Day sales, and we'd be lying if we told you not to jump on this investment while the price is low.

If we're talking about the best air purifiers, the Blueair Blue 2310 Air Purifier is one that certainly deserves a spotlight, especially considering it's the best overall air purifier we've tried and tested at Ideal Home.

The air purifier is currently on offer for £99 down from its usual £179 price point on Amazon as part of today's and tomorrow's Amazon Prime Day deals, allowing you to enjoy 45% in savings.

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Blueair Blue 3210 Air Purifier Amazon Prime Day deal

Air purifiers have slowly but surely started to become a part of our everyday living spaces, so it pays to ensure we're rocking the most efficient ones in our homes that can seamlessly integrate into our day-to-day routines – and the Blueair Blue 3210 takes the cake.

Blueair Blue 3210 Air Purifier | was £179

Blueair Blue 3210 Air Purifier | was £179 now £99.00 at Amazon
Our #1 rated air purifier is now significantly reduced in the Prime Day sales. We recommend investing in Blueair's bestseller while the price is low.

The Blueair Blue 3210 promises to filter the air in the space you've placed it 5 times an hour, removing 99% of particles like dust, pollen, and mould – which contribute towards allergies and even longer-term health issues.

The best thing about this air purifier is how user-friendly it is and how little space it takes up in a room, meaning you can essentially set it and forget it in a small bedroom or a small living room, respectively.

And now it's on offer for Prime Big Deals Day, there's even less excuse to snap one up ahead of the price jumping back up.

A cylindrical air purifer by a desk in a home office

(Image credit: Blueair)

However, just because it's small doesn't mean it doesn't pack a punch. One thing our reviewer said to note is that 'the Blueair Blue 3210 is impressive for its size and price point, and is a worthy upgrade for those who prefer their gadgets and technology to fit in with their existing style.'

We recommend not skipping out on this offer this Amazon Prime Day, as it's one that you'll certainly thank yourself for after having done it.

Jullia Joson
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