Colour schemes – when it comes to decorating are you too scared to go all out?

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  • Preferring neutrals, 95 per cent of Brits are too scared to go all out for colour in their home

    What colour are the walls in your home? In you’re more of a fan of muted neutrals than bright, bold shades then you are not alone… According to recent research from Get Living London, 95 per cent of Brits are too scared to go all out with colour in their home.

    Of the 2,000 people polled, neutral walls were the tones of choice for over three quarters of respondents, with white, cream and the increasingly popular shade of grey topping the list.

    Despite admitting to being relatively unadventurous when it came to paint colours, 61 per cent of people said they would like more colour in their home, with 74 per cent believing that it can have a large impact on our moods. So why are people leaning towards more neutral tones? A fear of getting it wrong and having to live with a bold colour choice is the number one reason for many.

    When asked which shades people would like to add to their home, were they feeling confident about a brighter colour, blues (24 per cent), greens (21 per cent) and purples (16 per cent)
    came out on top.

    Internationally renowned applied colour psychology expert, Karen Haller, said: “It’s important that Brits trust their intuition when it comes to injecting colour into their lives.

    “Too often we are sticking with creams and magnolias which although called neutrals, are not psychologically neutral and can in fact have a negative impact on our wellbeing. I have seen time and time again that adopting a colour scheme that’s right for an individual or a family can have a tremendously positive impact in their daily lives.”

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