What the colour of your home says about you

Your walls may reveal more about your personality than you realise …

Ever wondered why you were drawn to that brilliant shade of grey to paint your bedroom with?

According to colour psychologists, it could have a lot to do with your personality.

Timothy Hope, Colour Psychologist at Johnstone’s Paint said: “More people are looking to understand the meanings of the shades that they choose, to pick a décor that best reflects their personalities, or qualities that they’re looking to bring into their life.”

So, what does your colour choice say about your personality?


The meaning: The colour of strength, importance and intelligence, which also brings an aura of calm to all those surrounded by it.


The meaning: The colour of hope and those who choose it are often inviting, warm and welcoming.


The meaning: The colour of nature, signifying growth and new beginnings. The warm and cool properties mean that individuals who opt for this colour often have a calming and stable influence on those around them.


The meaning: The colour of drama and luxury, inspiring creativity and imagination. Those who choose purple are often full of innovative ideas.


The meaning: The colour of love and romance but also danger and anger. It can also signify conflicting emotions.

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